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Dunstan Reserve North – Sport Field Lighting Upgrade

21 Apr 2023

Council will be upgrading the current metal halide lighting infrastructure with the latest LED lighting infrastructure.

The works are required as the lighting towers are ageing and the existing light fittings use outdated lighting technology and are not sustainable.

The Dunstan Reserve North sports field lighting project will involve removing the existing sports field lights towers and replacing them with new lighting towers and energy efficient LED light fittings. The sports field lighting towers are approximately 22m tall. The project will include the installation of the four new sports field towers to the oval. The upgraded sports field lighting will provide illumination to 200 Lux for the sports field.

The project has been designed to comply with all Australian Standards and features control measures including the ability to automatically turn the lights off to ensure lights do not stay on after Council nominated hours of operation. The new floodlighting has been designed to control light spill into surrounding properties (in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4282 “Control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting”).

There may be some minor disruptions to the users of the reserve as part of the project however, we will work hard to minimise these. Works on this project are expected to begin in May 2023.