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Love Merri-bek Trail Maps are here!

02 Mar 2023

Check out our new Love Merri-bek Trail maps!

Merri-bek has a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike in terms of things to do and see around the municipality. We are especially lucky to be home to so many breweries and distilleries as well as live music venues and record stores. To help visitors and residents navigate their way through all these awesome spots, Merri-bek City Council are excited to release the Love Merri-bek trail maps!

Council has worked with local businesses to put together a series of maps showcasing many of the breweries, distilleries, live music and record stores found throughout Brunswick, East Brunswick, Coburg and Fawkner. 

Our first map includes all the must-visit local breweries and distilleries you can find throughout Merri-bek. You can use this map to find your local watering hole or to try somewhere new, including non-alcoholic beverages, throughout the municipality.

Our second map highlights all the best spots in Merri-bek to see live music or shop for your next LP. Merri-bek is full of businesses that love to showcase local, national and international talent and the map will tell you where you can find a live gig.

We are excited to share both these trail maps with our Merri-bek community. You can download your map from the Love Merri-bek website, or by visiting one of the venues featured and picking up a hard copy. Use your map to get out and explore Merri-bek and support the many wonderful businesses around the municipality!

Download both maps from the Love Merri-bek website: