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Delivering food and garden organics bins to units, townhouses and apartments

24 May 2023

We’ve started to deliver 240 litre shared food and garden organics (FOGO) bins to unit and townhouse blocks with between 4 and 9 households in May, instead of June.

We have brought these deliveries forward to fill a gap in our schedule and make sure everyone has their new bins before our new 4-bin waste service starts in July.

As part of the service, households without a FOGO bin will have one delivered to their home. This includes units, townhouses and apartments that will use shared bins.

If you already have your own FOGO bin, you can keep the bin you have. You will be charged an individual rate on your waste charge, instead of the shared bin charge. Shared food and garden organics bins will be delivered for others in your development to use. These will be clearly marked and will need to be stored in a common area.

  • Townhouses and unit blocks without communal space to store shared bins can request a review. We can organise for a waste specialist to meet with you, your Owners Corporation and/or an alternative representative, on site to review your needs. Requests for a review can be made to

  • If you want to use the shared food and garden organics bin and no longer require your own bin, we can arrange for the individual bin to be removed. Once removed, the shared bin waste charge will apply at your property. Please contact us at to make this request.

For more information, visit our Food and garden organics bin page.