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4-bin service rolls out in Merri-bek

05 Jul 2023

Purple-lidded bins are now dotting the streets of Merri-bek, as we’ve started collecting waste in our new 4-stream waste service. 

Merri-bek is an early adopter of the service, which is mandated by the State Government for all Victorian councils by 2030.

 By making small changes to the way we deal with waste, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment and improve the quality of recyclables. 

 Material collected in purple bins throughout Merri-bek will be processed locally and transformed back into new glass products. 

This sustainable outcome keeps recycling costs low for the community and allows residents to meaningfully participate in the circular economy.  

 Council has also secured State Government grants to further reduce costs for residents, including a lower than anticipated waste charge. 

 We know our community is passionate about sustainability, so we’re proud to be an early adopter of the 4-bin service. 

Around 98% of residents using the council waste collection service have access to a purple-lidded glass bin, which will be collected monthly. Remaining residents will need to take their glass bottles and jars to a nearby collection point. 

Yellow-lidded recycling bins have been replaced with larger 240 litre bins. These will be collected fortnightly for most households. Some residents in apartment and townhouse complexes will remain on a weekly collection schedule. 

To accommodate the new service, the standard waste charge will increase by approximately $21 in 2023-24.