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Brunswick’s Stanislaw Kowalski turns 100

02 Mar 2023

Brunswick resident Stanislaw Kowalski recently turned 100 years old, in the same house he has been living in for 67 years.

Merri-bek Mayor Angelica Panopoulos paid him a visit to ask him about his life.

Stanislaw was born in Poland and was deported to Germany as a child. His sister was deported six months later. His village was later destroyed and his family members were killed.

Later, after moving to Australia, Stanislaw worked at the Hilton Hosiery Factory on Albion Street as a textile mechanic.

He taught himself how to carve, and he still makes little birds and creatures out of Australian seed pods and pinecones. For his birthday celebrations, he carved 50 birds and dogs, varnished them all, and gave them to his party guests as mementos.

“I find a branch, or a seed lying on my way. I pick it up and see what can be made out of it,” Stanislaw said.

“I like doing it, it’s a hobby I enjoy myself.”

Stanislaw said that he never expected to reach the milestone age of 100 years, but that he lived in the moment.

“I don’t know whether I’ll be able to talk tomorrow, but I’m quite happy to live today,” he said.

Stanislaw Kowalski turned 100 on 14 January 2023, and celebrated with family and friends who travelled from across Australia to be with him for his birthday.