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Our Candid Community Podcast

The Candid Community Podcast is an initiative from the Merri-bek City Council. About reconnecting with our community after the isolation periods of 2020 and 2021 and overcoming the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through this podcast series, we will provide space to listen to our residents and hear their candid stories and history with Merri-bek. The stories are those of our residents' lived experiences. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are those of the individuals interviewed and do not represent the position of Merri-bek City Council.

The Candid Community Podcast is made possible thanks to funding from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing under the Local Partnerships program supporting multicultural communities throughout Coronavirus.

Recorded at the Glenroy Community Hub, Jam room - now available for community use, induction required. 

Podcast episodes

Welcome to the Candid Community Podcast

Episode 1: Conversation with Community Liaison Officer Sarah Hussein

Episode 2: Speaking with Mariella Teuira, CEO of Itiki Sporting Club 

Episode 3, part 1: Yarning with Gary WyrkerMilloo Murray 

Episode 3, part 2: Yarning with Gary WyrkerMilloo Murray 

This podcast is proudly brought to you by Merri-bek City Council.