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Submit an event listing

Before you submit your event, please make sure you follow the below instructions to create your listing.

Once you submit your event, it will be reviewed by our team before being published to our website to make sure you have met our event guidelines.

If you haven’t followed the below guidelines, we may decline your listing.

Event guidelines

Is your event happening in Merri-bek?

Your event needs to be run by Council or taking place in Merri-bek. It also needs to align with Merri-bek City Council's values and policies to be accepted.

The focus of our events calendar is on community activities, fun days, arts, and recreational opportunities. If the focus of your event does not fit in these categories it may not be accepted.

Include an event image

You must include an image for your event thumbnail image.

The dimensions are 800 (wide) by 533 (high) in pixels, and around 100Kb in file size.

This image should contain little to no text for accessibility.

If you do not provide us with an image meeting these specifications, a placeholder image will be used for your event.


The events listed in our calendar are largely free or have a small cost or donation to attend. It should cost no more than $100 for people to attend and even less than this if it is a short event.

Events that run over multiple weeks

If you want to advertise a local class, training, or a similar event that runs over multiple weeks you will only be able to have a total of 8 event dates. Once the 8 event dates have finished, you can resubmit your event for additional dates if needed.

What we don’t include

  • Open days or other events which are primarily aimed at signing people up to an organisation, program, or business in our event calendar
  • Events at licenced venues are only included if they are part of a broader, multi-venue festival
  • Events that cost more than $100 to attend.

Event details

Is the event free?

Is the event accessible?

Organisation details

These details will be published in your event listing.

Your details

We may use these details to contact you for further information. They will not be published on the website.