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CEO and executive team

As an organisation Merri-bek City Council is led by a CEO and an Executive team who are responsible for overseeing the many branches that make up the Council. Below is an explanation of the CEO and Executive team members and their responsibilities.

Cathy Henderson - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cathy Henderson is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Merri-bek City Council.


There are four directors who report directly to the CEO, these are:

  • Director of Business Transformation
  • Director of City Infrastructure
  • Director of Community
  • Director of Place and Environment

Sue Vujcevic - Director of Business Transformation

As the Director of Business Transformation, Sue Vujcevic is responsible for the following branches:

  • Finance and Procurement
  • Governance and Strategy
  • Information Technology
  • Organisational Performance
  • People and Safety


Anita Curnow - Director of City Infrastructure

As the Director of City Infrastructure, Anita Curnow is responsible for the following branches:

  • Amenity and Compliance
  • Capital Works Planning and Delivery
  • City Services
  • Open Space and Environment
  • Transport


Eamonn Fennessy - Director of Community

As the Director of Community, Eamonn Fennessy is responsible for the following branches:

  • Aged and Community Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Cultural Development
  • Early Years and Youth
  • COVID-19 Response

Victoria Hart - Director of Place and Environment (Acting) 

As the Acting Director of Place and Environment, Phillip Priest is responsible for the following branches:

  • City Development
  • City Strategy and Economy
  • Property, Place, and Design
  • Sustainability and Climate