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Ballerrt Mooroop project wins 2024 Maggolee Award

30 May 2024

Merri-bek City Council is proud to have received the Reconciliation Victoria Maggolee Award on 30 May 2024 for the Ballerrt Mooroop project.

The award recognises Council's collaboration with the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to transform the Ballerrt Mooroop site in Glenroy into a thriving community hub.

It’s a great honour to be part of one of the few projects to receive this prestigious award.

Merri-bek City Council, along with its community partners, aims to secure the Ballerrt Mooroop site’s use for education and cultural purposes for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in Merri-bek and Hume.

The Maggolee Awards recognise Victorian local governments working in partnership with First Peoples to support self-determination, advance reconciliation, and strengthen shared decision making with First Peoples.

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