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Documents for public review

We have a number of documents, records and processes available on this page for public inspection.

We are committed to being accountable to the community through transparency of information, service data, performance and decision-making. Our Public Transparency Policy (PDF 216Kb) was adopted by Council on 12 August 2020 and commenced on 1 September 2020.

Council meeting, committee, and committee meeting documents

Council and Delegated Committee meeting agendas and minutes

Council meeting agendas and minutes for the previous 8 years are available on our Minutes and past agendas page. You can email if you require access to agendas and minutes from before 2016.

We currently do not have any Delegated Committees so there are no documents to provide for these committees.

Reports, details, and terms of reference from committees

The reports, details, and terms of reference from Advisory Committees, Delegated Committees, and Community Asset Committees are below.

In accordance with the Governance Rules, we have provided reports, details and the terms of reference from our Advisory Committees and Community Asset Committees. These are available all in the corresponding committee pages which you can find on our Advisory Committees page.

The reports on our Audit and Risk Committee's performance and the Audit and Risk Committee Charter are also available on the Audit and Risk Committee page.

Councillor attendance register

The register of each Councillor's attendance at Council meetings, Delegated Committee Meetings and meetings arranged to brief Councillors is available on our Councillor conduct page.

Expenses, travel, gifts, and conflicts of interest registers

The register of Councillor expenses is available for public review on our Councillor conduct page.

The following registers are also available for public review and contain information about Councillors and/or Council staff:

Other registers and documents

Submissions made by Council to State or Federal processes

Memorandums of Understanding entered into by Council

The details of any Memorandums of Understanding entered into by Council that are not subject to confidentiality clauses will be published once available.

Registers of donations and grants made by Council

Registers of leases entered into by Council

The following register of leases entered into by Council (as the lessor and as the lessee) is available:

Register of delegations

The following registers of delegations are available:

Register of authorised officers

Register of election campaign donations

The registers of election campaign donations are available on our Council elections page.

Summary of personal interests

The following summaries of personal interests are available:

Personal interests returns

The following personal interest returns for the Chief Executive Officer Nominated Officers and Summary of Information documents are available:

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports contain a range of information and are available on our Annual Reports page.