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Disability policy and working groups

Our Access and Inclusion Plan

We are committed to making sure that people with disability in Merri-bek have access to opportunities, support, and assistance, and that they can participate fully in their community. Our Access and Inclusion Plan helps to do this, by helping people with disabilities, their families, and carers:

  • get to the places they want
  • access services and get the information they need
  • feel safe and part of the community
  • participate in decision making
  • have opportunities to work, exercise, socialise and be creative

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-26 sets out our role and commitment in removing barriers and increasing opportunities for people with a disability in Merri-bek.

Under the Plan, we will provide:

  • accessible places and spaces
  • inclusive programs and services
  • employment and economic participation
  • leadership and participation.

You can read through the plan in the documents below:

Opportunities for participation

If you live in Merri-bek, there are opportunities for people with disability and disability support services to participate in Council decisions.

Moreland Disability Working Group

The Merri-bek Disability Working Group meets 4 times a year and includes both people who work at Council and people from the community.

The group:

  • gives Council advice on access and inclusion issues, and raises any concerns
  • discusses the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and makes sure we are doing what the Plan says we will do.

For example, if there is an issue in the community that is stopping people with disability from accessing a service or venue, then the Working Group can let us know and we will work to fix the issue.

Find out more about the Disability Working Group on our Advisory Committees page

Moreland Disability Service Provider Network

The Merri-bek Disability Service Provider Network includes more than 30 local disability service providers and disability representative organisations. The Network meets four times a year to share information, learn and support one another.

The Network is also about what we are doing at Council.

You can email if your organisation is interested in joining this Network.

We can also send you regular newsletters from our Community Development team. You can subscribe to get this newsletter by filling in our online Merri-bek service provider update form..