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Neighbourhood houses

Neighbourhood houses in Merri-bek are safe, welcoming places where you can make new friends, learn new skills and share your ideas and experiences.

There are 7 independent neighbourhood houses in Merri-bek. They all offer educational, social, recreational and support programs for people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures.

Neighbourhood house locations

Brunswick Neighbourhood House (two locations)

18 Garden Street, Brunswick
Phone: 9387 9901

43A De Carle Street, Brunswick
Phone: 9386 9418

East Coburg Neighbourhood House
32 Nicholson Street, Coburg
Phone: 9913 5472

Fawkner Neighbourhood House (two locations)

CB Smith Reserve (end of the car park) 79 Jukes Road, Fawkner

95 Major Road, Fawkner
Phone: 9359 1824

Glenroy Neighbourhood House
5B Cromwell Street, Glenroy
Phone: 9304 3910

Newlands Neighbourhood House
20 Murray Road, Coburg North
Phone: 8528 2332

Reynard Street Neighbourhood House
104A Reynard Street, Coburg
Phone: 9386 7128

Sussex Neighbourhood House
7 Prospect Street, Pascoe Vale
Phone: 9354 2210

What Neighbourhood Houses offer the community

Every neighbourhood house is different, as they reflect their local community. You are welcome to visit and see what is happening at your local Neighbourhood House. There are a number of events, programs, activities and support groups that you might want to take part in. Feel free to drop in a have a chat with the staff about your interests or ideas you might have for an activity.

You can also volunteer at a neighbourhood house. This is a great thing to do because neighbourhood houses often rely on volunteers to help them deliver those programs and activities. 

Neighbourhood Houses bring people together to connect, learn and get involved in local activities. Here are some examples of courses that are offered:

    • Adult education (pre-accredited and accredited training)
    • Art and craft
    • Childcare/ Playgroups
    • Community events
    • Community lunches
    • Community gardens
    • Job seeking support
    • Computer courses
    • English language classes
    • Room hire
    • Self help and support groups
    • Seniors' groups
    • Programs for people with disability
    • Youth programs
    • Walking groups
    • Health and wellbeing activities
    • Volunteering opportunities
    • Training for volunteers
    • Welcoming people
    • Joining an event committee or committee of management
    • Office administration or reception
    • Leading or assisting in activity groups
    • Desktop publishing, writing or photography
    • Producing a community newsletter
    • Distributing brochures
    • Fundraising
    • Community kitchen facilitator, catering or hosting
    • Disability support
    • English class assistant
    • Gardening

Contact your local neighbourhood house directly to find out more about volunteering opportunities.