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Merri-bek Connectors

About the Merri-bek Connectors

The Merri-bek Connector program is run by Merri-bek City Council. The program helps us as a Council to speak with and hear from community members who speak languages other than English.

In 2016, over 10,000 Merri-bek residents who spoke a language other than English at home reported difficulty speaking English. That’s why the Connectors are so important.

Connectors help us to communicate with our community and help us understand our community’s needs.

How does the program work?

Merri-bek Connectors sit between Merri-bek City Council and the community. The Merri-bek Connectors program is voluntary.

Merri-bek Connectors: 

  • Ask the community what information they need
  • Share information from the Council with their community
  • Tell us how we can improve messages and translations from the Council

Messages are on topics such as:

  • Council services and programs
  • Important Council updates about living in Merri-bek
  • COVID-19 vaccination program and COVIDSafe behaviour

What do the Merri-bek Connectors do?

The Merri-bek Connectors help us as a Council to communicate with our community in ways that our community needs.

A Connector might spend 2 to 3 hours each week:

  • Sharing weekly messages with their communities
  • Giving us advice on the best way to communicate with their community
  • Reaching out to the disconnected people in their community
  • Answering questions from their community
  • Attending training (such as mental health first aid, how to build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines, etc.)
  • Attending monthly Merri-bek Connector meetings

At the moment, a part of the Merri-bek Connectors program is focused on sharing coronavirus information with the community. This includes promoting vaccinations.

Connectors Messages (September 2022 - August 2023)

28 September 2022

Dear Connectors and Local Partners, Centre of Muslim Wellbeing will be delivering a Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop as part of Council’s Social Recovery Plan. This session will be presented by psychologist Sundas Rehman and you can see the workshop invitation attached.

When: Friday, 30 September from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Where: Fawkner Senior Citizens’ Centre, 79 Jukes Road Fawkner

Light refreshments will be provided. Please feel free to share the invitation with your community and let us know if you have any questions. Have a beautiful day!

26 September 2022

Dear Connectors, I hope you’re all well. I’m back from my annual leave and had a great time with my family in Turkey and ready to keep working 😊 I will work from Turkey for 2 weeks and will be back to work from the office from the 10th of October. I am reaching out to inform you that we are updating our publication database and we need your assistance in determining which publications the communities you represent read and listen to. Could you please send me a list of your community newspapers, online portals, television, radio, and social media pages that have been actively working and covering the community activities? I’d be also grateful if you could provide me with the contact information of these publications. Updating our culturally and linguistically diverse publication database will help our Communications team at Council know who to get in contact with when we want to reach certain communities. Please let me know if you have any questions. Your prompt response in this regard is highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!

19 September 2022

Dear Connectors, Below is an optional volunteer opportunity for anyone interested in the topic. Bring your experience and ideas to talk about safe and affordable housing. In this session, we will consider our Council’s commitment to increase the provision of safe and affordable housing. We will look at the different parts of Council's affordable housing work. You will be able to share feedback and ideas on Council’s Affordable Housing Action Plan. There will be a report with the feedback gathered on the day to Council.

When: Friday 7 October from 9.30 - 12pm
Where: Glenroy Community Hub, 50 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy.

This meeting will be in person in English. Translations and interpreters are available on request.

Who will be there:
• Housing providers
• People with lived experience of social housing
• People with lived experience of homelessness
• Developers
• Government agencies
• Charities
• Other interested community members

You will get information about the Affordable Housing Action Plan before the event. Light snacks are provided on the day.

If you are interested:
1) Register your attendance via this link - Safe and Affordable Homes: A forum to discuss local action Tickets, Fri 07/10/2022 at 9:30 am | Eventbrite
2) Reply to this email so I can let the organiser know you will be attending. Thanks heaps, Ezgi

9 September 2022

Hi everyone, a friendly reminder there is a pop-up COVID Vaccination clinic on Saturday 17 September, from 11:00am to 3:00pm at Glenroy Community Hub, Multi-purpose room in Glenroy. Come along and enjoy a free post-vaccination coffee or tea. There will be snacks and fresh fruit provided on the day. Book here -

9 September 2022

Dear Connectors, I hope you are all having a lovely Friday 😊 Please feel free to distribute the following message to your communities. I will also send this message through WhatsApp chat. 2022 Merri-bek Awards nominations are closing on Friday, the 16th of September and we would like you and your communities to nominate an individual or organisation for this meaningful award. As I mentioned at our meeting last night, each year we call on the local community to help celebrate those who have enriched our community and inspired their peers through outstanding service and commitment. The annual Merri-bek Awards are open to any group or individual whose activity has improved the quality of life of others in Merri-bek. A nominee could be anyone who lives, works, studies, plays, or volunteers in Merri-bek. Nominations can be submitted for more than one category for the same group/individual. However, a separate nomination form must be submitted for each category you would like to nominate the group/individual for. Please visit this website Moreland Awards Nomination Form 2022 to make a nomination. If members of your community would prefer to fill out the form in their own language, that is more than welcome, and we will make arrangements for translation for their form.
Winners will be announced at our Merri-bek Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 18 October. Have a great weekend.

You can email if you have any questions about this program.