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We use street sweeper vehicles to sweep Merri-bek’s street and footpaths to clean them of litter, debris and build-ups of leaves.

By sweeping our streets we prevent litter from entering stormwater drains and making its way into our waterways.

Sweeping up dropped leaves also helps to prevent drains and stormwater pits from becoming blocked which prevents overflowing drains in heavy rains.

When we sweep streets

Our team sweeps main roads in the early hours of every morning.

Residential street sweeping then starts each day at around 7-7:30am with all residential streets visited every 4 to 6 weeks.

Shopping parade pavements are cleaned by a regular footpath sweeper service each week.

What you can do to help

Street sweepers are very large vehicles which cant reach tight spaces. Most debris on roads collects at the edges of the road where it meets the kerb. You can help us to keep your street clean by making sure that the sweepers have access to the kerb. Park vehicles off the road where possible.

If you see a sweeper vehicle visit your street, don’t sweep or blow the leaves from your garden on to the road hoping they’ll visit the street again to collect it. Street sweeping operates on a cycling program which takes 4 to 6 weeks to visit every street. Blowing more leaves onto the road will just block the drains on your road.