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Missed bin collection

Missed bin collections

If your bin was not collected on your usual collection day please check the following:

  • Bins need to be placed outside ready for collection by 5:30am on your collection day. We recommend putting your bins out the night before. If we did not collect your bin because it was not placed out in time, you have missed this week’s collection.

  • Bins are generally collected before midday on your collection day. If it is before midday on your collection day and your neighbour's bins have also not been collected, please wait until after midday to report the bins as missed.

    You can report missed bins by calling us on 9240 1111 or on our eServices website.

  • Other reasons your bin may have not been collected include:

    • The bin has been left in a way that prevents us from collecting it. This includes the bin being too close to other objects, hidden from view, not on the kerb or not facing the street
    • The bin is overfilled and the lid cannot close
    • The bin weighs more than 30kg

How to report a missed bin collection

If we missed your bin on your usual collection day, we can arrange a new bin collection for you.

You can report missed bins by calling 9240 1111 or on our eServices website.

After reporting a missed bin collection, leave your bin out on the kerb. We will collect your bin within two business days.