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What can go in your general rubbish bin?

Use this bin only for items that can’t be reused or recycled.

  • Old clothing, shoes or textiles that can't be repaired or donated
  • Broken glassware, crockery and mirrors
  • Nappies and wet wipes
  • Kitty litter and animal droppings
  • Loose jar lids and bottle caps, pumps, sprays and droppers


What can't go in your general rubbish bin?

  • Electronic waste and batteries
  • Food and garden waste - put this in your food and garden organics bin
  • Household chemicals, oils and paints
  • Recyclable items
  • Soil
  • Building materials
  • Hazardous items
  • Ash

Visit our A to Z Guide to Waste and Recycling to find out what to do with these items. 

Where does you general rubbish go?

Once collected, your garbage is taken to the Melbourne Regional Landfill at Ravenhall, operated by Cleanaway, as part of regional contract.

Through the collection and processing of recyclables and organics, Council diverted 49% of waste from landfill in 2020-2021.