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Housing and employment research

Council undertakes research about housing and employment demand and supply. This evidence is used to inform Council's Strategic Planning and other actions.

A Home in Moreland: The housing we need now and in the future

A Home in Moreland provides research about housing demand in Merri-bek.

Supplying Homes in Moreland

Supplying Homes in Moreland provides research about housing supply in Merri-bek.

Housing Capacity Study

The objective of the Housing Capacity Study is
to understand how many additional dwellings can be
built in Merri-Bek.

Housing Capacity Study (PDF)

A Job in Moreland: The employment floor space we need now and in the future

A Job in Moreland provides research about employment demand and supply in Merri-bek.

An ‘economic health check’ has been prepared to analyse the current state of the Merri-bek’s economy and its strengths, weaknesses, and prevailing opportunities. This Economic Health Check 2023 is based on the most recent statistical data available, comparisons to other similar local government areas, and a review of state and national issues and trends affecting Merri-bek’s economy.

The state government Melbourne Industrial and Commercial Land Use Plan (MICLUP) also provides research about current and future needs for industrial and commercial land.

Merri-bek Community Profile

The Merri-bek Community Profile contains further demographic, housing and economic information about Merri-bek and its suburbs from the Censuses of Population and Housing.