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Development contributions

Under the Development Contribution Plan (DCP), which has an updated infrastructure project list, developers must pay a contribution to help fund a range of essential infrastructure including roads, footpaths, streetscapes and community facilities such as childcare centres and neighbourhood houses.

There are 2 types of contributions:

  • Development Infrastructure Levy applies to developments and contributes to funding development infrastructure.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy applies to residential developments and contributes to funding community infrastructure.
Calculator for approximate DCP levy amount

Do I have to pay the contribution?

If you are increasing the number of dwellings on a site, or increasing the commercial or industrial floor area, then you must pay the development contribution.

All developers must pay the development contribution regardless of whether a planning or building permit is required.

How is the contribution calculated?

The contribution amount is based on the proposed increase in the number of dwellings on a site for residential land, or on the increased commercial or industrial floor area.

You can use our calculator to estimate the approximate levy amount for your proposed development. Development contribution amounts are adjusted on 1 July each year to reflect the rise or fall in prices.

You will receive a letter confirming the levy amount from us if you are a:

  • planning permit applicant (when a planning permit is issued)
  • building surveyor (when you notify us that you have been appointed to a project), or
  • landowner (when a planning permit is issued or when we notify the building surveyor).

When do I have to pay the contribution?

  • A planning permit will set out the requirements for when the contribution must be paid.
  • The Community Infrastructure Levy must be paid before any building permits are issued for your development.
  • If a building permit is not required, you need to pay the levy before commencing any development works.
  • If you have applied for subdivision, you must pay the contribution before a Statement of Compliance is issued, or as set out in the planning permit for each stage of subdivision.

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