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Advertising and club signage in open space reserves

Status - Approved

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C169

At its meeting on 12 June 2019 Council resolved to adopt amendment C169 with changes and submit to the Minister for Planning for approval. Amendment C169 was gazetted on the 14 November 2019 and came into operation on this date.

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Council is committed to supporting local sporting clubs. As well as providing recreational and health benefits to the community, many club events also contribute to Merri-bek by creating a sense of community and a place to gather, socialise and connect. Council understands that sporting clubs need to appropriately advertise their club and the organisations that sponsor them.

Due to the existing planning scheme restrictions, the majority of existing signage surrounding sports grounds are in breach of the Moreland Planning Scheme. Prior to the gazettal of Amendment C169, all promotional signs were prohibited under the applicable 'Category 4' advertising controls of the Public Park and Recreation Zone in the Moreland Planning Scheme.

About Amendment C169

This amendment changed the advertising sign category of most sporting reserves to Category 1, and exempt major sporting grounds otuside heritage overlays from requiring a planning permit for advertising signs.

All sporting reserves will still need a permit from Council Recreation Services as part of their annual or seasonal allocation process.

What do these proposed changes mean for sporting clubs?

  1. Clubs must apply for signage as part of their annual or seasonal allocation process.
  2. Once approval has been received from Council's Recreation Services, clubs must also apply for a planning permit where applicable. Council officers will assist Clubs in determining whether or not a planning permit is required.
  3. Once a planning permit has been approved clubs may erect their approved signage in accordance with any conditions imposed by either Recreation Services or an approved planning permit. Failure to receive the appropriate planning permit approval may result in the signs being removed. The responsible club will be charged for this cost.

To view the guidelines for signs in open spaces, download the Sporting Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions User Guide (PDF 965Kb) and refer to Section 5.7 of this document.

Existing Promotional (i.e. sponsorship) Signage

A planning permit is not required to update promotional signage based on new or altered sponsor details on an existing promotional sign, so long as the display area is not increased or the type of sign altered.

Business Identification Signage

A planning permit is not required for a sign showing the name of the reserve or resident sporting club, so long as the total display area of all signs is not more than 8 square metres, and any interally illuminated sign does not exceed 1.5 square metres.

Sporting reserves in Category 1

A permit from Council Recreation Services will be required for all signage within Sporting reserves in Category 1 as part of the annual or seasonal allocation process.

However, if a club wishes to display more than 8 square metres of signage, or the sporting reserve is in a Heritage Overlay, the club will need to apply for a planning permit in addition to the permit from Council Recreation Services.

A planning permit may also be required for a new sign on a Category 1 sporting reserve that:

Premier Reserves

A permit from Council Recreation Services will be required for all signage within Premier reserves as part of the annual or seasonal allocation process.

A planning permit is also required for new signs within Premier Reserves that are affected by a heritage overlay or that do not meet the following requirements:

  • Less than 3 square metres
  • Faces inwards towards the sporting arena or playing field.
  • Not fixed to a pavilion or scoreboard.
  • Not animated or illuminated.
  • Not obstructing pedestrian or vehicle entry points, including gates at entry points.
  • Not result in signage covering more than 50% of the internal circumference of the sporting area of playing field.

For a listing of the sporting reserves in Category 1, premier reserves, and reserves with a Heritage Overlay, download Amendment C169 Information brochure (PDF 596Kb).

Further information about advertising in Open Spaces

For further information please phone Council’s Recreation or Urban Planning Teams on 9240 1111.

Key dates

13 March 2018 - 27 April 2018 
Public exhibition of Amendment C169

13 June 2018
Report to Council to consider submissions

9 August 2018
Directions Hearing

5 September 2018
Panel Hearing

October/November 2018
Recieve Panel report

12 June 2019
Council Decision

9 July 2019
Submit amendment to the Minister for approval

14 November 2019
Ministers decision recieved - Amendment C169 gazetted

Document library 

Amendment C169 Information brochure (PDF 596Kb)

Exhibition documents

Explanatory Report (PDF 477Kb)

Instruction Sheet (PDF 124Kb)

Notice of Preparation   (PDF 459Kb)

Proposed Clause 36.02 (PDF 355Kb) (Public Park and Recreation Zone, Schedule 1)

Draft Advertising Signs in Major Sports and Recreation Facilities Incorporated Document, February 2018 (PDF 265Kb)

Proposed Clause 37.08 (PDF 4Mb) (Activity Centre Zone, Schedule 1)

Proposed Clause 81.01 (PDF 244Kb)(Incorporated Documents, Schedule 1)

Sporting Facilities, Grounds and Pavilions User Guide  (PDF 975Kb)