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Parklets are re-purposed parking bays that are used as spaces for pedestrian activity.

Parklet setups can contain things like

  • seating
  • tables
  • greenery
  • bike parking facilities.

Although parklets are maintained by hosts, they are public spaces for the community to enjoy.

Anyone within the Merri-bek community with car parking adjacent to their property can host a Parklet. Additionally, to ensure the safety of parklet users, we use the below location criteria to determine site suitability.

A parklet can only be located in designated parking spaces which:

  • are on a street with a speed limit of 50km/hr or less
  • are on a street with a straight road geometry ensuring uninhabited view lines for drivers
  • are parallel or 90 degrees (angled parking may be considered)
  • are on streets which are not owned by VicRoads
  • are on streets which are not clearways
  • are more than 10m from an intersection
  • are more than 20m from a signalled intersection
  • are a minimum of one parking space away from an intersection on the approach side
  • does not have utility access panels or storm drains within the parking space

Types of Parklets

  • Long-term parklets are owned by the host and has a customised design to suit the business.  

    For long-term parklets, the host is responsible for managing the design, construction and maintenance of the parklet. These parklets can be installed for 1 year with the option to renew the permit annually. 

    If you would like to host a long-term parklet please review the below application requirements, selection criteria and fees.

    Application requirements
    • Completed Long-term Parklet Permit Application Form and Agreement
    • Letter(s) of support from property owner of parklet host site (if not applicant) and neighbouring tenants
    • Copies of materials used to inform the community about application
    • Copy of applicant’s Public liability insurance (coverage of $10 Million)
    • Copy of long-term parklet plans
    Selection criteria

    To submit a favourable application, five main criteria must be addressed by the host:

    • Location: Does the site meet the location criteria outlined above? Will the parklet activate the streetscape?
    • Parklet Host: The host understands that a parklet is public space, and everyone is welcome to use it. They also understand their duty to care for the setup for the duration of the installation, including their responsibility to manage the maintenance requirements after completion?
    • Vision: Will the proposed vision for the parklet provide an improved, valuable and attractive public space?
    • Neighbourhood Support: The host is able to illustrate community support.
    • Public Amenity: Does the proposal provide a welcoming, accessible and positive space to be used by all?
    • One-of parklet permit application $225.10
    • Annual renewal fees: One parking space $562.75, each additional parking space $393.90

    Indicative costs for design, delivery and installation:

    • Design documentation - Up to $5,000
    • Materials and construction  $5,000 - $80,000

    The design of a parklet will impact its useability and popularity within the community. Therefore, careful consideration is needed when designing the parklet. A set of design guidelines are available in the Merri-bek's Parklet Program guidelines (PDF 4Mb)

    Council has prepared a standard parklet design detail (PDF 126Kb) that applicants can use as part of their submission for a parklet. This document can assist you to minimise the costs associated with the need for structural engineering sign off.

    To apply for a long-term parklet please send both completed Long-term Parklet Permit Application Form and Agreement forms with the other outlined submission requirements to

    If your application is approved, Council will issue an invoice for the above outlined permit fees. Once the invoice is paid, Council will work with the host to schedule an installation date. Council will also assist in the application for an Occupation Permit (so that works can happen within the road reserve). A certificate of compliance will be provided to the host by Council once construction is finalised and complies with Council requirements.

    Throughout the tenure of the parklet, the host is required to complete the monthly Host Maintenance Checklist to ensure ongoing safety and cleanliness is maintained.

    Change of ownership

    If a business changes ownership or the organisation dissolves then there are two options:

    Minor changes to Long-Term Parklets

    The parklet host can make minor changes as required such as changing the plants or the furniture. For major changes to the appearance and structure of the long-term parklet such as changing the materiality, function or platform size you will need to contact Council for approval.

    Parklet Removal

    A parklet might need to be removed temporarily or permanently for streetscape improvements or to access utilities. Merri-bek City Council will give the host as much notice as possible in these situations. Please keep in mind that any disassembly, storage, re-installation or damage costs will need to be covered by the parklet host. This is why it is important that the parklet is designed for easy removal and re-installation as it could save time and money down the track.

    Parklet Rebate

    Currently, Council has some $3,000 rebates available for long-term parklets which are constructed before the end of the current financial year (June 2022). These rebates are limited and will be applied in the order that the long-term parklet applications are received, approved and constructed.

Please email if you are interested in hosting a parklet or finding out more information.

We also recommend reading our Merri-bek's Parklet Program guidelines (PDF 4Mb). These guidelines include application forms and information on the application process.