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This is the digital form for requesting the Commercial Plus Waste Service for your business.

You can find out more about making this request on our Waste for businesses page. This page describes the two types of commercial waste services available to businesses in Merri-bek.

Request for Commercial Plus Waste Service

Owners and Tenants across Merri-bek may require increased garbage, recycling, and food and garden organics capacity to any property type. Merri-bek provides a commercial plus service, allowing owners or tenants to request additional bins.

Commercial Plus bins are invoiced separately, to the person detailed below.

Would you prefer your invoice to be sent by mail or by email?*

Types of services required

In the fields below please fill in the number of bins you would like to request for each service. If you do not need a service you can leave this field blank or put 0.

*$20.97 per lift (240 litre bins, per litre charge calculated for alternate sizes listed)

Agreement to Commercial Plus Waste Service request

I (full name above) confirm that I am the owner or tenant of this property*

I (full name above) agree to pay the annual charge specified above (to be invoiced half yearly with invoicing period 1st April to 30th Sep and 1st Oct to 31st Mar)*

I (full name above) agree that I am responsible for contacting council, and for ensuring that bins are empty and ready to be removed after requests for removal are made*

I (full name above) acknowledge that the bin/s remain the property of Merri-bek City Council, and that the bin/s must be returned when no longer required*

Terms and conditions for Commercial Plus Waste Collection Service

  1. The fees quoted for the removal of non-residential waste are current and will be reviewed by Council annually.
  2. The owner / occupier at the time of service will maintain the bins in a clean and odour-free state.
  3. The owner / occupier will be bound by any amendments that may be made by the Merri-bek City Council at any time to the conditions controlling this service.
  4. The owner / occupier applies to the Merri-bek City Council for the removal of non-residential waste and recycling from the address stated above. The owner / occupier agrees to pay all charges levied by the Merri-bek City Council for the provision of this service.
  5. The owner / occupier agrees to observe Council’s Local Laws – Public Places Local Legislation-Part 2 under Prohibited Road Obstructions – Clause 9.1.C which states: An owner or occupier of land must not allow rubbish/recycling receptacles to remain on roads more than one day prior and one day after service collection.
  6. All accounts must be paid within 30 days. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of this service.
  7. The owner / occupier shall notify Council at least 7 days in writing by mail if the service is to be discontinued.

Commercial Plus Service General Conditions of Service

  1. The Commercial Plus bins (MGB) are numbered and registered to your premises. It is the property of Council and must remain at the premises.
  2. You are required to keep the Commercial Plus bins in a clean and tidy condition.
  3. Council must be informed immediately if the bin is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. A replacement bin will be issued by Council’s collection crews.
  4. Bins must be placed out the night before collection and taken back inside the property within 24 hours after collection (a fine may be issued for bins continually left out on footpaths or on the street).
  5. MGBs exceeding 30 kgs in weight will not be collected.
  6. Waste will only be collected from an MGB. Extra bags of rubbish will not be collected.
  7. Specific conditions relating to each waste stream specified below:

    1. Garbage Service - Materials such as medical waste, recyclables, green waste, liquids, builder’s rubble, hot ash and more must not be placed in the bin. For more information on what can be placed in your garbage bin refer to our Garbage bins page.
    2. Recycling Service - The recycle bin is for co-mingled recycle products only. For more information on what can be placed in your recycle bin refer toour Recycling bins page.
    3. Food and Garden Organics Service - The food and garden organics bin is for food and garden waste only. For more information on what can be placed in your food and garden organics bin refer to our Food and garden organics bins page.

Privacy information

Moreland City Council is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). 

The personal information requested on this form is being collected by Merri-bek City Council for ‘Request for Commercial Plus Waste Service’ or any other directly related purpose.

The personal information will not be disclosed to any other external party without your consent unless required or authorised by law. You can find out more on our Privacy page.

Privacy agreement*

By checking this box you confirm that the details you have provided in this form are true and accurate.*

What happens next:

  • Once we receive your application we will contact you
  • After you order a new bin, we can usually deliver it within 1 to 2 business days
  • Invoices are generated for the service bi-annually