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Future River: When the past flows

​Underneath each building or stretch of asphalt there are deep layers of meaning and history. Beneath the concrete there are countless stories not memorialized. Future River: When the past flows examines the Indigenous understanding that cities are obfuscations of what is — that monuments conceal the past.

Under our cities, the rivers and creeks still flow, and with them the Indigenous narratives of the past that will naturally become future rivers. Though we may try to cage and redirect the flow of water using concrete, the waterways will inevitably run their own course.

This exhibition re-images and re-memorialises what lies beneath the concrete slab — thousands of years of story and life obscured. This exhibition draws attention to the role
of the city as a besiegement, and how, through artistic intervention, we can allow the past to flow into the future once more

'Future River: When the past flows' includes works by Maree Clarke (Yorta Yorta/Wamba Wamba/Mutti Mutti/Boonwurrung), Julie Gough (Trawlwoolway), Peta Clancy (Bangerang). Curated by Kimba Thompson.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Blak Dot Gallery as part of PHOTO 2024.

Accessibility information

This exhibition features video and sound content. Due to the varied sensory experience on display, this exhibition may be a difficult environment for visitors with sensory sensitivities.

For more information about the accessibility of the Counihan Gallery venue, visit our Access and Inclusion page.  


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This exhibition is presented in partnership with Blak Dot Gallery. For more information, visit the Blak Dot Gallery website.

This exhibition is in the Front, Middle and Rear Galleries.