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Gregory David Roberts in Conversation

Join the author of 'Shantaram' Gregory David Roberts (live from Jamaica) in conversation with Michael Veitch, author and former ABC television and radio presenter, as they discuss Melbourne, freedom, life choices and the power of redemption. 

Gregory David Roberts, known also as GDR, is a renowned author, songwriter, composer, and artist. His bestselling novel, Shantaram, has achieved great success with over 7 million copies sold and translations into 44 languages.

The book is based on his own life as a fugitive and has captivated readers worldwide. GDR’s journey has been tumultuous, including experiences as a student activist, a period of drug addiction leading to criminal activities, imprisonment at Pentridge Prison, and eventual escape to India.

Despite his past struggles, GDR has made significant contributions; including establishing a medical clinic for slum dwellers and using his artistic endeavours to support charitable causes.

Currently residing in Jamaica, GDR continues to create art while a TV series adaptation of Shantaram is available on AppleTV+. Michael Veitch began his career in the 1980s writing and performing in television comedy with programs such as the D-Generation and Fast Forward before working as a newspaper columnist and regular broadcaster for ABC radio in Melbourne and Tasmania.

Between 2005-2010 he presented the national TV arts program on ABC Television, Sunday Arts. In addition to numerous television, film and theatre credits, Michael has published eleven books on subjects including travel, history, marine exploration and military history.

His most recent work, Australia’s Secret Army was released in late 2022. This event is part of a new free exhibition ‘Shantaram: A Journey from Punishment to Peace’ which has been curated with GDR and opens in Warder’s Upstairs at Pentridge Prison Tours on July 21.

In this immersive exhibition discover GDR’s inspiring life story, from a convicted criminal who served time at Pentridge Prison to becoming an acclaimed novelist, public speaker and philanthropist sharing his personal story and life philosophy. 

All ticket proceeds go to The National Trust of Australia (Victoria), the state’s premier heritage and conservation organisation, helping conserve and protect Victoria’s heritage for future generations to enjoy. 


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