Every year we ask our community how they feel about our services. This is our Community Satisfaction Survey.

In 2021, there was an increase in the community satisfaction score across most service areas.

We achieved an index score of 64 out of 100. This was 3 points higher than the previous year (2020).

A higher score (closer to 100) is better than a lower one.

  • 61

    index score in 2020

  • 64

    index score in 2021

When we asked local people about the direction of our performance:
  • 18%

    said our performance
    had got better
  • 67%

    said our performance
    had stayed the same
  • 10%

    said our performance
    had got worse.
  • 5%

    did not give an answer

The community rated a variety of our services highly. These included:

  • library services (77 out of 100)

  • supporting the diversity of the Merri-bek community (73)

  • customer service (71)

  • recreational facilities (70).
Libraries and supporting diversity have been our top-performing service areas over the past 3 years.

Most areas saw improved scores. Those with the greatest increases were:
  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 49

  • 58

  • traffic management
  • 45

  • 52

  • parking facilities
  • 45

  • 52

  • planning for population growth
We asked our community to score the importance of different services. The most important were: 

  • waste management (84 out of 100) 

  • decisions made in the interest of the community (82) 

  • support services for older people (81) 

  • condition of sealed local roads (78)
We will keep asking our community how they feel about the services we provide. We use this information to improve our work.

We also asked residents how happy they were with our customer service. Customer Service Benchmarking Australia found satisfaction had increased.
traffic lights graphic
overall satisfaction in 2020
traffic lights graphic
overall satisfaction in 2021

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