How we plan

Every council must plan and report on its work.

This is to make sure councils are transparent and accountable.

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Council plan

At the start of every council term, all local governments must produce a council plan.

A council plan describes a council’s:

  • strategic objectives
  • ways to achieve these objectives
  • indicators for measuring progress.

On this site we talk about how we have performed against the objectives set out in our new Council Plan 2021-25. This plan has been shaped by the community and by the Imagine Moreland 2021-2031 Community Vision

You can read more about the plan on our Council Plan website. We will report on our performance against this plan up until 2025.

Regular reporting 

We track and report on our performance through quarterly and annual reports. This ensures we are accountable, transparent and follow legislation.

Parts of our annual report are audited by the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO). These are the Performance Statement and Financial Statements.

VAGO conducts these audits to ensure councils are transparent and accountable to parliament and the community.



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