Here we explain more about our 5 themes so you can understand what they mean.

Theme 1

Environmentally proactive  – Our goal here is to protect people’s health and the plants and animals of Merri-bek. We will do this by responding now to the climate emergency. We will also help improve our natural environment and help it recover.

Theme 2

Moving and living safely – Our goal is to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable to move around Merri-bek. This especially includes walking, cycling and public transport.

Theme 3

Healthy and caring – Our goal is to create a more inclusive, connected, healthy and caring Merri-bek. We want to give fair access to community facilities and services. We want to help the community cope better with climate change.

Theme 4

Vibrant places – We want to create welcoming, unique spaces that are for everyone. Our goal is to bring people together and make sure they feel Merri-bek is a great place to be. We want to improve people’s access to community facilities and affordable housing. We also want to encourage our artists and community sector. We want to create jobs in Merri-bek.

Theme 5

Empowered and collaborative – Our goal is to encourage everyone to get involved in council decision-making. We want to make good use of our resources. We also want to be accessible and responsive to our community.



Theme 1:

Environmentally proactive

Download our full Environmentally proactive achievements
Download Environmentally proactive achievements (PDF 344Kb)

Emissions targets

We endorsed new targets to reduce our carbon emissions in the community.

Carbon neutral

We celebrated 10 years of being carbon neutral.

Improving our waste service

We endorsed a new policy that will see us start a new 4-bin waste service in 2023, which includes a glass bin.

More trees

We planted 4192 trees in our streets and parks.

A Park Close to Home

We built a new park in Cardinal Road, Glenroy.

A hub for community

We opened the Glenroy Community Hub in May. The hub is Australia's first passive house public building and it is built with sustainability in mind.

Theme 1: case study

Glenroy Community Hub

We opened the Glenroy Community Hub, Australia's first passive house public building.

Passive House Certification means that it is designed to the highest environmental standards.

It’s also been designed for Petal certification under the Living Building Challenge, the most rigorous benchmark of sustainability for buildings.

The Glenroy Community Hub officially opened in May 2022. It is a ‘power-positive’ building, generating 125% of the energy that it’s going to consume, which means that it makes more energy than it uses.

It has an airtight and thermally efficient building envelope, which means it is built in a way to reduce the need for heating and cooling but the building is comfortable all year round.

There is a raingarden that captures storm water that runs off the car park, also trapping pollution before it goes into our waterways. A rainwater tank on the roof collects water used for flushing toilets and watering the garden. The Hub also includes electric car charging ports and bike parking.

We’re proud to be demonstrating Council’s commitment to action on climate change with the Glenroy Community Hub.

Theme 2:

Moving and living safely

Download our full Moving and living safely achievements
Download Moving and living safely achievements (PDF 248Kb)

Shared paths

We completed design work for new shared paths along the Craigieburn Rail Corridor.

Bike lane trials

We analysed the results of the first three seasons of data, along with engagement insights, for shared zone and bike lane trials.

Ride and Stride

We encouraged more children to ride, stride or scoot to school as part of our Ride & Stride program.

Safer streets

We continued to make our streets safer by installing speed humps and other local traffic management methods.

Rail safety

We advocated for better safety around Jacana station and for the duplication of the Upfield line north of Gowrie station.

Public transport advocacy

We advocated for the creation of better bus services in the north and better tram services in the south.

Theme 2: case study

Ride & Stride pilot program a success

We held a pilot program to encourage more families to choose active transport to get to school.

Our Ride & Stride pilot program aimed to encourage more children to ride, stride or scoot to school.

We worked closely with schools to understand specific barriers and enablers of active travel and designed a range of activities to encourage more walking and riding trips to and from school.

We piloted the program with Coburg North Primary School and Brunswick East Primary School over Term 3 and 4, 2021, and Term 1, 2022. We saw up to 77% of students on average walking or riding to school as a result of these programs.

Through initiatives like Ride & Stride, we are working to improve the way people travel around Moreland. We want to create livelier, safer and healthier streets that everyone can enjoy.

Theme 3:

Healthy and caring

Download our full Healthy and caring achievements
Download Healthy and caring achievements (PDF 290Kb)

New hub for Glenroy

We opened the $30.1 million Glenroy Community Hub in May.

Coburg Health Hub

We approved a new health precinct for Coburg that will include a short-stay hospital, community health services, residential aged care, bulk-billed GPs, a mental health facility and more.

Climate risk strategy

We made a plan for how we will respond to the effects of climate change.

Fawkner pool

We approved a major upgrade of Fawkner Leisure Centre, which includes a 50m outdoor swimming pool.

Fleming Park works

We began works at Fleming Park in Brunswick East as part of an overall plan to improve the site. This work will happen in stages.

Theme 3: case study

Fleming Park upgrades

We began works at Fleming Park in Brunswick East as part of the masterplan to improve the site.

Fleming Park is a popular recreation reserve in Brunswick East. It is heavily used by locals for dog walking, children's play, community meetings and formal sporting activities.

We have lots of things as part of our plan to improve the park, including:

  • Re-purposing the Grandstand to include seating and overall beautification.
    • Upgrades to the existing Community Hall and Bocce Club building.
      • A new multipurpose female friendly sports pavilion that complies with various sports and disability access requirements.
        • New public amenities including family friendly facilities.
          • A new multi-court and reinstated car park.
            • Safety improvement between the bike path and children's play area.
              • Landscape improvements throughout the park.

                To add some colour to the site hoarding, local artist Steph Hughes and community members installed a vibrant and colourful mural. Hear more from Steph about this project in the above video.

Theme 4:

Vibrant spaces and places

Download our full Vibrant places achievements
Download Vibrant places document

For creatives and the community

We endorsed a final concept plan for the redevelopment of 33 Saxon Street in Brunswick.

Upgrading shopping strips

We began construction on a new design for the Melville-Moreland Shopping Strip in Brunswick West.

Future planning

We adopted our Community Infrastructure Plan to cater for our growing and changing population.

Come and visit

We adopted our Visitor Attraction Action Plan which seeks to attract more visitors to Merri-bek and encourage spending.

Theme 4: case study

33 Saxon Street in Brunswick

We’re building a new state-of-the-art cultural and community hub in Brunswick!

The old school building and heritage house at 33 Saxon Street, right next to the Brunswick Baths, will be transformed into a hub for artists, creative industries and the community.

By 2024, you will be able to enjoy:

  • A significant new public open space, which will host a multitude of outdoor events
    • Affordable multipurpose community rooms and commercial office space for the creative industries
      • A new community-focused facility for Maternal and Child Health services
        • Affordable studio and exhibition spaces for creatives
          • A hospitality offer
            • Better connections with the Brunswick Baths

              Leading First Nations contemporary art gallery will also be getting a brand-new gallery space at the heart of the new site.

              Construction is planned to begin in 2023.

Theme 5:

Empowered and collaborative

Download our full Empowered and collaborative achievements
Download Empowered and collaborative achievements (PDF 290Kb)

Financial planning

We adopted our 10-year Financial Plan to fund essential services and projects in coming years.

10-year Asset Plan

We developed a draft plan to help us renew, expand or upgrade our community assets.

Gender equality

We developed our first gender equality action plan, which contains actions to achieve a more inclusive, supportive and tolerant organisation that values diversity and promotes equality.

Advocating for you

We advocated for our list of priority projects, which include universal kinder access, female-friendly sporting facilities and support for local businesses.

Listening to you

We put more than 80 projects up for community feedback on our website Conversations Moreland, receiving 16,419 contributions from 85,053 visitors.

Theme 5: case study

Advocating for our community

We advocated for our list of advocacy priorities for the State and Federal Governments.

Our advocacy priorities seek partnerships and commitments from Federal and State Government to support critical local priorities – particularly in the areas of transport, creative and health and wellbeing initiatives that can leave a lasting legacy.

These projects can play catalyst roles in regional COVID-19 recovery efforts, as well as help to provide us with the foundations for broader environmental, sustainability and social outcomes now, and for the future.

Our list includes priority projects such as upgrading and duplicating the Upfield Rail Corridor.

It also includes supporting initiatives such as universal kinder access, female-friendly sport and recreation facilities and support packages for local businesses.

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