Council meetings

Decisions on issues affecting the community are made at council meetings.

You can come to these meetings to watch, in person or online. You can also ask questions.

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About our meetings 

We hold ordinary council meetings to conduct the business of Council. Where required, we may also hold special meetings.

We also hold council meetings to deal with planning applications. These are planning and other related matters meetings.

Ordinary council and planning and related matters meetings are scheduled each month.

COVID-19 impact

We conducted all council meetings from July 2021 to March 2022 by video conferencing and livestreaming, with the exception of the special meeting of 17 November 2021. We held council meetings in April, May and June 2022 in person in a COVID-safe way. These meetings were also livestreamed.


We livestream our council meetings so you can watch the proceedings in real-time. These recordings are also available for you to watch later. The dates of future council meetings are on our Council meeting dates, locations and questions page.

In 2021-22, the number of people watching council meetings online (live and the recordings) was 25,280, and the number watching planning meetings was 9149.

Councillor attendance

Below we have outlined councillor attendance for 2021-22.


Councillor Ordinary council meetings (total 11) 
Cr Sue Bolton 10
Cr Annalivia Carli Hannan  8
Cr James Conlan 11
Cr Helen Davidson 10
Cr Milad El-Halabi JP* 5 (of 7)
Cr Monica Harte* 3 (of 3)
Cr Angelica Panopoulos 11
Cr Helen Pavlidis-Mihalakos 11
Cr Adam Pulford 11
Cr Mark Riley  11
Cr Lambros Tapinos  9
Cr Oscar Yildiz JP  11

* Councillors El-Halabi and Harte each served only part of 2021-22.


People watched council meetings online in 2020-21



People watched council meetings online in 2021-22



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