Code of conduct

Here you can find out about the steps we have in place to ensure good conduct by our councillors and staff.

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Councillor code of conduct

We reviewed and adopted our Councillor Code of Conduct on 12 June 2019.  

The code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of councillors. It aims to foster good working relations between councillors.

Conflict of interest

Councillors are elected to act in the best interests of the community.

Council staff also need to act in the public interest when undertaking their duties.

A conflict of interest occurs when a personal or private interest might compromise, or might be perceived to compromise, the ability to act in the public interest. A conflict of interest exists even if no improper act results from it.

We have a procedure in place to accommodate the disclosure of a conflict of interest. Declaration of a conflict of interest is a standard agenda item for all council meetings. This declaration also takes place before the start of procurement and recruitment processes.

We reviewed our Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy for Councillors in November 2019. This policy sets out how to avoid the potential for conflict of interest through the offer/acceptance of gifts, benefits and hospitality.

The procedures vary depending on the role and circumstances.

In general, they involve disclosing the relevant interests in a specific way. Then the person steps aside from the relevant decision-making process. Or from the exercise of the public duty.

We maintain a register to record all disclosed conflict of interests.

During 2019-20, 18 conflict of interest disclosures were made at council meetings. There were no conflict of interest declarations for council staff.


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conflict of interest disclosures by staff

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