Council meetings

Decisions on issues affecting the community are made at council meetings. You can see council decision-making in progress at these meetings. You can also ask us questions.

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Live streaming

We live stream our council meetings so you can watch the proceedings in real time. These recordings are also available for you to watch later. We have the dates of future council meetings on our website.

More people are watching council meetings online. The number watching them live or a recording went up from 19,635 in 2018-19 to 34,822 in 2019-20.

Types of meetings

In 2018, we decided that planning and related matters would be considered at council meetings specifically scheduled to consider planning matters. This was instead of having a special committee.

We did this because of how significant planning and development is in Merri-bek.

Since then, there has been 1 council meeting each month for planning and related matters. This is called a planning and related matters meeting.

COVID-19 impact

In April 2020, the State Government changed the law to allow council meetings to be held via video conferencing. This change to the Local Government Act 1989 was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We conducted our May and June council meetings by video conferencing. These meetings were also live streamed. There were no meetings to consider planning and related matters during that time.

Councillor attendance

In this table you can see how many meetings our councillors attended during the year.


Councillor Ordinary council meetings (total 12)
Cr Natalie Abboud
(approved leave of absence 2 meetings)
Cr Sue Bolton 12
Cr Annalivia Carli Hannan
(approved leave of absence 3 meetings)
Cr Helen Davidson
(approved leave of absence 4 meetings)
Cr Jess Dorney
(approved leave of absence 4 meetings)
Cr Ali Irfanli
(approved leave of absence 3 meetings)
Cr John Kavanagh 12
Cr Dale Martin 12
Cr Mark Riley
(approved leave of absence 1 meeting)
Cr Lambros Tapinos
(approved leave of absence 3 meetings)
Cr Oscar Yildiz JP
(approved leave of absence 2 meetings)


People watched council meetings online in 2018-19



People watched council meetings online in 2019-20

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