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We provide councillors with resources and support to undertake their duties. Here you can read more about these expenses and allowances. You can also find out what each councillor received.

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We provide councillors with resources and support. This is so they can serve, engage and act in the community’s best interests.

We may make available or pay for resources councillors need to carry out their role. Or we may reimburse claims for out-of-pocket expenses. We have a policy that outlines the level of expense and resources support provided.

We publish details of councillor expenses on our website every 3 months. Councillor expenses for the 2019-20 year were: 


Councillor Total
Cr Abboud $2,848.07
Cr Bolton $1,573.67
Cr Carli Hannan $1,746.64
Cr Davidson $1,719.67
Cr Dorney $2,675.71
Cr Irfanli $1,713.67
Cr Kavanagh $2,732.04
Cr Martin $1,573.67
Cr Riley $1,661.67
Cr Tapinos $2,553.94
Cr Yildiz $7,189.44


You can download full expenses information to see them across 7 categories


Our mayor and councillors receive an allowance while performing their duties.

Council reviewed the allowances after the last local government elections. This was required by the Local Government Act 1989.

Council set the allowances at the top of the range for a category 3 council. This was because of the complexity of the issues determined by Council. The significant expectations on councillors were also considered. This allowance level was in effect for the full Council term.

The Minister for Local Government applied an annual change to the allowances set. The last change made by the Minister was a 2% increase which came into effect on 1 December 2019.

The allowances paid to our mayor and councillors are:


Mayor $100,434
Councillors $31,444


The responsibility for determining mayoral and council allowances is changing. This is due to the Local Government Act 2020 (the ‘Act’). This responsibility will move to the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal.


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