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Here you can hear from some of the people who wrote our community vision.

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Moreland’s community vision was developed over 3 full days. Our panel of 44 people got together in April and May 2021, face to face, to discuss their priorities for the future.

We spoke to them about their involvement in the process. This is what some of them said.

Krisi said: “I decided to join the panel [because] I am part of the Glenroy community Facebook page. A lot of issues are brought up there and everybody has their vent … but I actually wanted to take it further … we need to … reach out to the council. If we want change, we have to look at it in a positive way and be part of the positive change.”

Alex said: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well everyone is able to compromise and come together to bring something that helps, as much as possible, everyone.

“I joined this process because I want to be a long-term member of the Merri-bek community. My hope is that through our collaborative work here we find a way to make Merri-bek a better and more livable society and one which is open to everyone.”

Tianyue said: “From very conceptual ideas we’ve come to some … plans of detailed substance. And I’m very glad to be part of this process. The most satisfying part is seeing [community] members from all walks of life coming together.”

Vikas said: “We are all working together to try and come to one conclusion that would help Merri-bek to shine more in the future.”

Paddy said: “I feel like we are very cohesive group. There are some differences, nuances that separate us. But the bulk of the vision is something that we all agree on. That has been the most rewarding part of this process.

“We all shared the fundamentally same ideas … I’m very proud of us all and I’ve been honoured to be part of it.”

Nat said: “What we’re doing here really matters. I think that was the number one thing that was important for everyone who is involved and who comes and spends their weekends here.”

Nicole said: “We are here because we love Merri-bek and we care about the future of Merri-bek and believe in it.”

Travis said: “The vision that everyone has put together I think is a really great reflection on diversity and the different sorts of brains coming together. I’m confident with the vision moving forward, I think it’s concise, it’s powerful. I think that the Councillors, the Mayor and the council should be impressed with our efforts.”

Mauricio said: “We are here, a community. The only difference between you and us, you are the decision-makers, we are the people. To me it’s extremely important, we expect you to listen to us and act accordingly.”

Nina said: “What I found interesting … is that most people are on the same page regardless of their culture, their gender, their race, their age … We want Merri-bek to be great.

“What I’d like to see is the council act on the vision statement that we have put together … I think that would be give a lot of trust back into the community that we do have a voice.”



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