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What is a Smart City?

A smart city is somewhere that uses digital technologies to increase its operational efficiency. The main goal of our smart city is to gather data and to use it to improve our operations and quality of service.

The purpose of our smart city approach in Merri-bek

A smart city approach provides Merri-bek with the right foundation to guide the design and development of our city.

It enables us to make informed decisions, solve real challenges and unlock the potential of our city now and into the future. It ensures we can support our community, environment, and organisation to adapt and thrive.

Some of the key areas that our Smart City Project will aim to improve are:

  • Community health and safety
  • Protect our natural environment
  • Help business and industry to thrive
  • Support well-designed sustainability

Want to know more?

Expand on the sections below to find out more about our Smart City.

  • The 'Internet of Things' is a network of things, objects or assets which are connected to the internet with sensors and software. This enables them to obtain valuable data from their environment.

  • Smart data exchange is the sharing of information from our Smart City sensors, allowing the data to be freely accessed and used by anyone in the community.

  • A digital twin is a virtual 3D model of our city which represents terrain surfaces, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure and other objects and assets.

  • Smart parking details to be provided and image updated

  • We have invested in a trial of smart bins across different parks in Merri-bek. Ten smart bins were installed gather test data and determine if they would be a good fit for the council.