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Smart data exchange

What is Smart Data?

Smart data is data that is openly accessible and in a downloadable format. This means that it is easily machine-readable. (For example .csv files are preferred over .pdf) It should be possible to process the data using free or open source software.

In the public domain or licensed in a way that allows it to used, shared, modified and mixed with other datasets. This data is available to everyone. It is not restricted to certain groups or certain purposes.

What are the benefits of Smart Data?
  • It promotes transparency and engagement between government and community members.
    It allows data to be analysed and visualised in unique and different ways. This can lead to a more engaged, connected and informed community. It can also help highlight some of the work council does behind the scenes to collect and manage public data.
  • It facilitates social and commercial innovation by allowing the growth of new business and service models that rely on open data.
  • It improves service delivery and community satisfaction as citizens can interact with public government data through online interfaces or community-developed apps.