1,302 planning applications

71,173 meals delivered

2,885 trees planted

162,817 library visitors

300,582 visits to year-round aquatic and leisure facilities

13,070 tonnes of food and garden waste collected

2 new parks opened

2,000+ people shared their vision for Merri-bek

We supported our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We completed more of our action plan to fight climate change.

Our advocacy on level crossing removals saw new open space equal to 2 MCGs. 

We employed over 300 people affected by the COVID-19 recession. 

We expanded our Maternal and Child Health services. 

We started work at the Glenroy Community Hub.

For more information on our achievements, read the our performance section of this report. We talk about how we have delivered our services and the challenges we faced.

Our performance

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