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Age Friendly Reference Group

Council has convened the first ever Age-Friendly Reference Group to advise from the perspective of older people in Merri-bek.   

Role and responsibilities

The role of the Age-friendly Reference Group is to collaboratively advise the council on the current and emerging needs of older people in the community.

The Age-friendly Reference Group is also responsible for:

  • contributing to the development, and implementation of relevant Council policies, strategies, and plans. For example, the Living and Ageing Well Framework
  • assisting the council to ensure the perspectives and lived experiences of older people are considered in Council services, programs, and projects
  • promoting knowledge, visibility, equality, and inclusion of older people in the community
  • assisting to identify opportunities for advocacy, projects, and partnerships that reflect the needs of older people in the community
  • informing, consulting, and collaborating with relevant Advisory Committees on issues relating to older people
  • participating in event planning, consultation processes, and other forms of engagement relating to relevant issues.


Community members in this group will sit for the remaining term of the current Council. 

  • Kristine Spark
  • Nicholas Nicholaou
  • Shiela Kumar
  • Sylvie Leber
  • Mairi Rowan


  • Cr Helen Pavlidis-Mihalakos
  • Cr Monica Harte

Council Officer Support

Council officer support is provided by: