We want to create welcoming, unique spaces that are for everyone.

Our goal is to bring people together and make sure they feel Merri-bek is a great place to be.

We want to improve people’s access to community facilities and affordable housing.

We also want to encourage our artists and community sector. We want to create jobs in Merri-bek.



Theme 4

What we will do

Accessible facilities

We will provide facilities that meet your needs and are accessible to all. We will include engaging spaces for children, young people and families.

Better spaces

Our public spaces will be clean, attractive and useful.

Our neighbourhoods

We will design neighbourhoods to be safe and pleasant places for all. We will protect our heritage.

Houses and homes

We will increase local affordable housing and work for better quality private developments.

Improved places

We will improve our shopping strips while keeping their local identities.

Supporting business

We will increase local jobs by supporting local business. We will also make Merri-bek a creative and cultural destination.

Theme 1: case study 1

Spaces for all

We want to create welcoming, unique spaces across Merri-bek that are for everyone.

We want our facilities to meet the needs of our community. We also want these facilities to be accessible to all, and for everyone to have fair access. These facilities include things like:

  • places for children, young people and older people
  • community centres
  • libraries
  • leisure centres and pools
  • arts venues and events.

To help us do this, we will develop and put in place a Community Infrastructure Plan. This will support us to plan and invest in our facilities to meet the community’s needs.

We will look at all the needs of the community. We will make sure we look at our plans at the same time, so they work together.

Theme 4: case study 2

The heart of Merri-bek

Our shopping strips are vital to Merri-bek’s character, history and economy.

They are sometimes called activity centres.

We will improve these centres while keeping their local identities. We want to protect the special character that each centre is known for.

When we improve our major activity centres we will do things like:

  • create new community facilities and services
  • encourage new cultural spaces
  • support local jobs and local businesses
  • make areas more attractive and accessible to all.

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