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Children with additional needs

We want all children to be able to take part in, and enjoy their learning during their time at early years settings in Merri-bek. 

Preschool Field Officer Program

The Preschool Field Officer Program is an early intervention outreach service that is available for children attending a state-funded kindergarten. (a preschool is the same as a kindergarten). Preschool Field Officers support the access and participation of children with additional needs at kindergartens in Merri-bek.

A Preschool Field Officer:

  • observes children and consults with teachers, educators and families to support an inclusive program through a referral process.
  • consults with, and supports kindergarten staff on the planning, implementation and review of developmentally appropriate programs for all children
  • assists kindergartens to link families into supports and services available for children with developmental concerns and broader child and family supports.

For further information, please refer to the Preschool Field Officer brochure (PDF 702KB) If you wish to organise a Preschool Field Officer for your child, you can fill in the Preschool Field Officer Referral form (PDF 222KB) 

Once you have the completed form you can:

Inclusion Support Program

Inclusion Professionals (IPs) support the access and participation of children with additional needs at Long Day Care, Family Day Care and School Holiday Program in Merri-bek.

An Inclusion Professional supports:

  • children from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, including refugee and Australian South Sea Islander children
  • children with ongoing high support needs, including children with a disability, and
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The Inclusion Support Program is delivered by the Victorian Inclusion Agency.