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Death is not the end but a new beginning. Death is not a result of life's frustrations, but a transition from this life into the next. From mortality into immortality.

This solo exhibition by Pimpisa Tinpalit is a philosophical study of how all metaphysical conditions co-exist. Death can provide insight into how we understand and appreciate life. ‘Silence #1.6.1’ heals those who regard death as the unlovable sting. ‘Silence #1.6.1’ is an innovative and engaging piece, playing on form and meaning. It borrows from mythical ideas and local iconography but uses everyday materials to be accessible.

It is the artist's hope that her work can lead to small or large changes in attitude regarding ideas about death.


Pimpisa Tinpalit. Silence 1.5.1, 2021. Mixed media, installation. Dimensions variable. Image courtesy the artist

Suitable for

This exhibition includes low-level lighting, which may be disorienting for audiences with low vision.

This exhibition includes trip hazards. Please be careful where you walk.

This exhibition includes video and sound content. Because of the varied sensory experience on display, this exhibition may be a difficult environment for visitors who experience sensory overload.


Counihan Gallery
Phone: 03 9389 8622

Further information

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For more information, you can download the Roomsheet: Silence #1.6.1 (DOC 49Kb). Roomsheets are exhibition documents that include information such as exhibition statements, artist websites, artwork details and artwork prices

Silence #1.6.1 is in Gallery 1 and 2.