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Reusable Nappy Online Workshop

About this event: 

Are you thinking about making the switch to cloth nappies but don't know where to start? Elana from Cloth Nappy Workshops, Melbourne will take you through the benefits of cloth nappies and dispel any myths. 

In this free online workshop, you will discover the world of modern cloth nappies. Elana will take you through what to look for and how to buy them. She will cover washing tips, dispel all the myths, show you the different styles of modern cloth nappies and most importantly, provide an opportunity to ask questions to get you confident with reusable cloth nappies.

This is a comprehensive introduction to cloth nappies, and suits new and expectant parents, and those who already have children in nappies.

The presentation covers the benefits of cloth nappies (environmental, economical, etc.), the different styles (fitted, pockets, AI2s, prefolds etc), how to wash them, and hacks to make using cloth nappies super easy.

You can ask Elana questions and be shown a wide variety of cloth nappies, but also other reusables such as ‘pull ups’, swim nappies and cloth wipes.


Wednesday 15th March 2023, from 7.30 PM - 9.00 PM.

Free online event.  

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Merri-bek residents 


Merri-bek City Council
Michelle Hobson, Towards Zero Waste Project Officer
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