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The Poetry of Grief - An original performance where music, poetry and research meet

This live performance will combine music, poetry and research to address the taboo surrounding mental health and grief in older people. We will present a series of poems crafted from interviews with bereaved older adults that will take you on a journey of grief – through the ups and downs. We will focus not only on the sadness but also on the resilience, strength and remarkable courage that can come from a significant loss. We will come together in support of all people who have lost someone and challenge the notion that grief has an expiry date. After a sold-out premiere in July, here is another opportunity to join research psychologist Dr Katrin Gerber, concert violinist Sarah Curro and actors Marylla Powell and Dennis Coard at Jazzlab on 28. August 2022 at 3:30pm.


National Ageing Research Institute
Dr Katrin Gerber, Research Fellow
Phone: 0383872662

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