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Small Ceramic Sculpture Workshop Series

This class is a four week series, designed to bring you through brain storming, inspiration gathering, small creature/sculpture design, sculpting techniques, ceramic painting and clear glazing.

The workshop is a relaxed, friendly, LGBTQI+ safe class and beginners are very welcome. You'll have the freedom to create whatever small creatures or sculptures you would like, with guidance on ceramic and painting techniques along the way.
As always with Aoife's workshops, there's never pressure for perfectionism - we prioritise process, learning, play and community.

You'll come away at the end of the four sessions with a series of sculptures you've designed, created, painted and glazed. All materials and firing costs are included in the price, and you'll be able to pick up your pieces approximately 1-2 weeks after the series ends.

Class week by week:

  • Week 1: Ceramic theory, sculpture design process and techniques
  • Week 2: Apply sculpting techniques, play with ideas to create a series of creatures/figures/sculptures
  • Week 3: Finish off your pieces in order for them to be bisque fired and ready to be painted next week
  • Week 4: Paint your creations and apply brush-on clear glaze


Aoife Billings / Pink Ember Studio
Aoife Billings, Teacher

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