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Progress Fest - Merlo Shindig #7

Historic Progress Hall, built by the local community in 1928, is a focal point for the people of Merlynston and this is the seventh event staged there by a group of local artists.

This time we feature 5 local music acts, wonderfully tasty pies, sausage rolls and vanilla slices by Pie Thief, a good selection of craft beer and non alcoholic drinks, and surprise treats.

Enjoy the music inside or relax in the shaded grassy outside area.

To guarantee availability of your favourite food or tickets, pre-order at via EventBrite

Limited range available on the day.

  • Mia Schoen - 1 pm
  • Macetones -2:15
  • Monnone Alone - 3:30
  • Gareth Skinner - 4:45
  • Ekranoplans - 6:00


Merlo Shindig
Merlo Shindig, event manager
Phone: 0423185110

Further information pre-order tickets and food
Event document