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Opening / Can we talk about this ? Featuring Sarah Walker & Amy McNickle

Exploring miscommunication and the experience of struggling to communicate – whether by skirting around social taboo, decoding cryptic messages, or professing private thoughts – this exhibit brings together frank conversations we have within ourselves and with others in ways that are humorous and, at times challenging. —Amanda Chamsay

Join us for the opening of our second exhibition in connection with the correspondences Colleagues Program. 'Can we talk about this?' is curated by Amanda Chamsay and features the works of writer, artist and photographer Sarah Walker and multidisciplinary artist, composer, and writer Amy McNickle.

RSVP for free by pressing the "Join the guest list" button on our Event Page. Credit: Still from the artwork Bug Out, 2022, single-channel video © Sarah Walker


correspondences, Director/Producer

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