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Exhibition: Could the shadows speak? And if so, what would they say?

In a new exhibition now open at Pentridge Prison Tours, photographer Brent Lukey captures a side of this infamous prison seen only by its inmates and staff. Step into a realm where history meets the present, where the past whispers its stories through the shadows. Brent’s work focuses on history without sentimentality, emphasising the present and what remains. The abandoned prison, with its bluestone structure, is devoid of personal items but brims with a ghostly aura. It’s a self-contained world with its unique character, rules, and emotions. As an artist, Brent was drawn to the spirit in the silent doorways, shadows, and peeling paint that has witnessed the prison’s history. Brent delved deep, feeling the weight of isolation in the cells, with sunlight offering a glimpse of hope. See how Brent uncovers their stories through his captivating work.


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