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Exhibition - See What We See

We are a vibrant group of 7 artists who meet for 4 hours every Tuesday at the Glenroy Library Makerspace. In this lively and inclusive gathering, some of us are living with a disability. We all share our passion for art and have a great appreciation for each other's company. Over the past 2 months, we have been working together to create several collections of artworks. Each artist has facilitated their own session with the group, from designing the process, pulling together the materials, and running their own session. This experience has been transformative; a gateway to learning about new materials and processes; a really happy place to be. Artists Amy Jenkinson Chase Klingenspor Julian Rex Kathy Higgins Kim Loughron Louise D’Amico Sheena Mathieson


Merri-bek Libraries
Laura Bailey, Makerspace Collection Services Technician
Phone: 93534007