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Criminal Outsider - A Live True Crime Forensics Performance

“Criminal Outsider” Criminal Outsider is a live, true crime documentary performance that presents the forensics, case files and biographies of some of the most fascinating 1900-1930 organised “outsider criminals.” As an audience member you will be given a case-file of notes to follow as bestselling true crime author Roy Maloy presents the biographies, crimes, forensics demonstrations and contested verdict outcomes of their court hearings. What is an Outsider Criminal? After 25 years of publishing, and 12 true crime biographies, best selling author Roy Maloy specialises in the biographies of the organised criminals from Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide’s 1900-1920’s “golden era”, focusing on the outsider group of organised criminals who are female, aboriginal, children, disabled or queer. The performance includes printed case files given to each audience member on arrival, forensics demonstrations of the weapons and theories on the forensics surrounding some of Australia’s most notorious outsider criminals including Squizzy Taylor, the Madam of Melbourne “Dolly Gray”, the infamous one-legged gang known as the Crutchie Push, Aboriginal gangster Daniel Hempfield, Vendetta madam Minnie Clark and sly grog baroness Bridget Mahoney.


The Woodland Hotel
Roy, Organiser
Phone: 0447199914

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