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Courtyard Jams at Coburg Courtyard

Come and celebrate the opening of Coburg Courtyard with Courtyard Jams!

Located next to Schoolhouse Studios in central Coburg, Coburg Courtyard is a pop up space where you can hang out and play. A smoking ceremony will cleanse the Courtyard, followed by roaming performances and a musical line up of General Feelings DJ, Fossy Trio, Thando, Julia Lostrom and more!

For kids and their families, there will be ongoing playwork sessions from 12 April to 21 May, in partnership with Victoria University.

Where: 28 Victoria St, Coburg
When: Saturday 2 April, 12pm - 3pm

Find out more about future events, head over to Conversations Merri-bek


Courtyard Jams is presented in partnership with Schoolhouse Studios and is supported by Central Coburg Business Association.


Merri-bek Council
Merri-bek Council, Merri-bek Council

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