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City Nature Challenge: Leaves, Feathers and Scales - the Macro World webinar

This year Greater Melbourne (a combination of 20 Councils!) is taking part in the City Nature Challenge from April 29th - May 2nd.

This webinar is the second in a two-part series to help you become an urban nature explorer and prepare to participate in the Challenge. The webinar series will guide you through the basics of using iNaturalist and showcase expert knowledge on how to discover and capture quality observations of the biodiversity around us.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to observing nature or not, this webinar series has something to offer for everyone! The ‘Leaves, Feathers and Scales: the Macro World’ webinar will equip you with:

  • Tips and tricks to discover and appreciate the macro world of plants, birds, frogs and reptiles in your own backyard, local parks and reserves.
  • Tools and skills to take quality images of the macro world during the City Nature Challenge
  • Steps to successfully upload your photos to iNaturalist.

Please note this is a free event but registrations are essential. You can register here.

What is the City Nature Challenge?
The annual City Nature Challenge is a global event in which cities all around the world participate to see who can observe and record the most (and most interesting) local plants, animals, fungi, and insects.

Participating is easy and fun, and your findings will help the global scientific community to better understand the biodiversity living in cities all over the world and how we can protect them.

For more information about the global event and how it all started you can visit the City Nature Challenge 2022 website.

How do I participate?
To participate in the City Nature Challenge you first need to download the iNaturalist app on your device. iNaturalist is the platform where your observations are uploaded. We highly recommend watching this iNaturalist information and training webinar before attending this event.

Keen on more events like this?
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