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Bookclub Conversation + An evening of story-telling & poetry with Ouyang Yu

Join us for our monthly Bookclub conversation event featuring acclaimed poet, writer and editor Ouyang Yu. We will explore Ouyang's leaf installation. Afterwards, Ouyang will read for us, and we will discuss his series of 'rejected works', self-published in 2020 as limited editions of one, namely: West of the River, Spring Waters: Li Yu, the Emperor of Poetry and Small Says: Words, Stories and Mini-Meditations. Our focus will be on Spring Waters: Li Yu, The Emperor of Poetry, which examines the life story of Li Yu (Chinese 李煜; c. 937 – 15 August 978), the emperor poet after whom Ouyang was named. The single-editions will be offered for silent auction along with three other limited edition titles: The Kingsbury Tales: A Complete Collection, 2012; The Kingsbury Tales, 2008; and, After the Rush: Regulation, Participation and Chinese Communities in Australia 1860-1940, 2004. Further event details are provided at the event's web listing. Note:—Please RSVP to attend. If you’re a correspondences Member or you have purchased a book from us during the month, select the ‘free admission’ option.


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