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Barriers facing Women writers

Throughout the written word's history, female writers have faced numerous challenges. As one may imagine, in the early days of fiction and the novel, it was considerably harder for women to get their work published than it is today.

The world has changed a lot, but it is becoming more and more obvious that 'a lot' is frequently insufficient. So many tales need to be told and so many voices need to be heard in this world.

The only restriction should be the sky, not your gender.

CALD Voices, a digital magazine, is hosting an event on International Women's Day. We have invited culturally diverse women writers to speak and discuss their experiences.

Four women writers in the panel are as follows:

  • Dr Shakira Hussain, author of From Victims to Suspects: Muslim women since 9/11
  • Nandita Chakraborty, author of Rosemary’s Retribution and Dirty Little Secrets
  • Niru Tripathi, author of Pariscano
  • Emily Unity, author of an upcoming book Multicultural Minds, which is a project dedicated to raising awareness of multicultural mental health
  • Supriya Singh, author of Domestic Economic Abuse: The Violence of Money Manorani Guy, founder and director of Asian Student Accommodation, and Asian Student Education
  • The event will be facilitated by: Rida Aleem Khan, recipient of 2018 Sir John Monash High Commendation Youth Award, and participant author of Living and Loving in Diversity

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